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Rødbyhavn is not boring

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I visited Rødbyhavn for the first time in 1990. I lived on the beach for a week. A strange place. Boring, dull and gray. Since then I visit this place by the sea in irregular intervals. For the last 20 years I photograph the streets and houses, the sea and the pub. For eleven years my photographic relationship with this place has become more intense, Although Rødbyhavn is still a strange place. So boring, dull and gray.
Now the place is transforming. A tunnel to Germany for faster travel is being drilled. It connects Rødbyhavn with Fehmarn. A good thing for Rødbyhavn. So say the people in the pub. But I love the journey across the sea with the big ferry. Actually, I did not want to photograph more there, because I thought that I have already photographed everything. But now I want to observe and photograph the change.
Why? Because I do not think that Rødbyhavn is not Llangweilig, dull and gray 🙂 With this in mind, during my last stay in October, I worked with slide film and captured the sunlight.

2011 KIEV 60 / 6×6

2021 Adox Golf / 6×6

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