I was just in Denmark. Among other things, I photographed some changes in Rødbyhavn again. But this bench is reliable. It’s been there for years and nobody sits on it (but I can’t prove that). It has to endure the harsh climate by the sea. The last time I photographed this bench was in 2021 with an almost 70 year old ADOX Golf medium format camera on a 14 year old color film. The colors do not correspond to reality, or what we perceive as color. The black and white photo is from 2017.

I am writing about it because there is an interested party who would like to purchase one or both photos. The black and white photo as a baryta print from my lab and the other on high-quality paper. But I’ll have it printed somewhere else, as I only make black and white enlargements.

I am of course very pleased that my Lolland photography is attracting attention.
The film based photos were seen here: www.ralfhaun.de/catalog-lolland

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