In 1990 I met Per Emmike (Per maler) in Rødbyhavn. I sat there near the kiosk often around and painted (no, I’m really not a talented painter). He approached me and told me that he also paints in his spare time. Later Per invited me to his house and asked me what I thought of his paintings. I don’t think I was critical of his paintings. It was not my place to do so, nor am I an expert. But I am a fan of Henri Rousseau, who is also classified as Naïve Art / Naivisme / Art naïf. And here I also find a connection to Per Emmike.
In Rødbyhavn (and elsewhere too) some of his maritime paintings still shine from the facades, signs or even gas tanks when the weather is nice. Yes, and the paintings need sun. Then they shine and make the port city more beautiful. Even the paintings, which are slowly dissolving and disappearing more and more.
Per Emmike passed away more than a year ago.

The film based photos of the paintings were taken in the last 10 years

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